It Started With A Wall // Uninterruption

What a long strange trip it’s been.

My final semester at FIT has been interrupted by what I’ve loathed for so very long.

My hand has been forced, and now I find myself in a semi-dystopian reality of digital connection and charging cables and Bradbury’s Seashells and ‘Zoom’ and homeschool.

I aim for uninterruption: the ability to live free of screen and to write, create, make, design, play, compose, experiment, jam, speak, listen, watch, bathe, breathe, inhale, exhale, print, display, eat, digest, and love without notification.

To create openly is to live as we should be living.
To live uninterrupted is to expose the creative process to the page directly.
To expose oneself emotionally is to reveal truth…

…and in doing so, maybe find peace.

[This passage originally written on a Smith Corona 250 Electric on bright yellow paper in my bedroom.]