Terms and Conditions: A Series of Unintended Outcomes

DNA is the foundation of our identity. People have a significant desire to know who, what and where they come from. Online resources, such as AncestryDNA and 23andMe, give the public the opportunity to find everything about their DNA history in a matter of seconds. When people sign a contract with AncestryDNA, do they really know what they are agreeing to? Ancestry plays with real lives and isn’t just something “fun” to do. Every choice we ever make will affect the lives of others. When someone takes a DNA test, they can find anyone with the same DNA as them, even those who are not in the system. But the question here is do those other people want to be found? Was there ever any real privacy or anonymity? What are the ethics and morals behind the thousands of lives being changed and effected by this technology daily?